Bunny Hops

Day Nursery


Choosing the right nursery is something all parents find very hard, so making your choice is very important.


Bunny Hops has been open since 1996 and is based in a community centre, we are in one room which is broken down into all areas of learning


Science, Small World, Creative, Graphics, Book Corner, Home Corner, Computer area, Malleable, Problem Solving & Reasoning (Maths).


On joining Bunny Hops your child will be assigned a key worker who will work with your child in supporting them on their learning journey.  We recognise that every child is an individual and has varying needs and abilities,  each day is planned to make it fun and educational.


The care of the children at Bunny Hops is paramount.  Our establishment is equipped to the highest standards to enable the children to experience different play and learning experiences.  The children are encouraged to develop their confidence and independence.  The staff make sure that resources, activities and play opportunities are carefully  selected to build upon their natural curiosity as learners and to develop new skills.


Welcome to Bunny Hops Day Nursery Where Learning Is Fun