Bunny Hops

Day Nursery


At Bunny Hops we have a fully qualified (SENCO) co-ordinator, who works towards making sure every Childs needs are met whatever their abilities. We are a fully inclusive nursery, we cater on an individual basis. If your child has an additional need then you can be assured they are attending a setting which has an environment that provides many sensory activities which will enhance your child’s development, depending on their needs.

We make regular observations on the children in our setting to help us assess the needs of each child and we include individual children in our planning.

Our SENCO officer filters through any training they have done through to the other staff members of Bunny Hops enabling the staff to support the children with an additional need. Our SENCO officer supports staff in devising individual education plans (IEP) for your child. On an individual education plan we will set your child achievable targets and help your child to meet these targets by supporting and providing opportunities for this. We will at all times maintain contact with you about your child’s progress and contact outside agencies who will help support your child.

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